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A Full Pool Service Plan for Oakland, FL Inground Pools

Our goal is to give all residents of Oakland, FL the simple joy of enjoying their swimming pools maintenance free. To keep your pool water clear, healthy and blue simply maintain correct water level, run the pool equipment, and notify us of any issues. Perfect Pool Care of Oakland technicians do everything else. Pool owners on this Full Plan are visited each week by an experienced and insured Oakland pool professional.

Our Partial Pool Service Plan is a little bit cheaper, but a few of the duties are on the "Our Responsibilities" side of the chart below. Signup for our Full Plan to have one of our Oakland pool service techs visit your backyard every week to complete the list of duties below.

Beginning at $129/month

Our Responsibilities

We brush your pool (walls, tiles, steps).
We net your pool.
We help you monitor your pool operations by reporting any observations of pool issues.
We verify your automatic pool cleaner operation.
We clean your automatic pool cleaner (bag / filter).
We empty your pool skimmer and pump baskets.
We vacuum your pool.
We backwash your filter on regular basis.
We keep your pool water healthy and treat any algae. Algae Free Guarantee.
We check your pool equipment.
We analyze your pool water and apply the correct chemicals and minerals to keep your water in optimum condition.
We clean your pool sweep wall screen.

Your Responsibilities

Keep the pool equipment active and operating approving repairs when needed.
Maintain correct water level.
Report any findings of swimming pool issues.

Things to Know

Stabilizer treatments required.
There might be additional startup charges for initial cleaning & treatment.
Monthly service fee based on a four week billing period.
Full Pool Service Equipment and Chemicals

Customers can change pool service plans from Full to Partial by calling us to schedule the change.

From October till March of each year we offer twice a month pool service for Oakland residents.

Stabilizers Treatments & Filter Cleanings

Quarterly filter cleanings and stabilizer boosts are required for most residential pools in Florida. A few times per year our company needs to remove phosphates, perform a filter cleaning with acid and boost the stabilizer. A stabilizer treatment and filter cleanings cost $49 each quarter for customers on our weekly service plans.

Coverage Area of the Full Plan

The Full Pool Service Plan is available to residents in the 34760 zip code as well as to homes and condos in neighborhoods near Oakland.